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  • Collection: Emily Winifred Dickson: Correspondence

Incomplete manuscript and typescript correspondence dealing with Dickson family history.

Typescript and manuscript correspondence from members of the Dickson and Martin family re. family history and Emily Winifred Dickson's life. The following relatives are featured: Alan Dickson (son), William Doolin, Harold Dickson (cousin), Colin…

Manuscript letter from Louisa (relative) about Emily Winifred Dickson's life. Includes 2 typescript copies.

Manuscript and typescript correspondence to Russell, Emily Winifred Dickson's son, and Margaret, her daughter-in-law, from the people listed: Elizabeth Harold Dickson (cousin), Mabel Rew (Medical Women's Federation), Mary Griscow (aunt). The…

Job application from Martin to Messers. Webster Steel & Co., London.

Correspondence from Robert Martin to his children, Russell or 'Dick' as he was also known. The following issues are discussed army and family life.

Correspondence from Robert Martin to his wife, Emily Winifred Dickson. The following issues are discussed finances, army life and family education.

Manuscript and typescript correspondence from Robert Martin to his wife, Emily Winifred Dickson, his children and potential employers.

Typescript job applications, qualifications and testimonials belonging to Emily Winifred Dickson. Includes applications for the positions of RCSI Professor of Midwifery and Ellesmere Medical and Vaccination Officer.

Manuscript letters of reference for Emily Winifred Dickson from her peers in Ireland and Germany. Includes the names of the following prominent individuals: Dr. Hayes, William Stokes, J.M Finney, Alec Fraser, John William Moore, W. Smyly, C.B Ball ,…
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