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The History of College Hall and its uses as a medical station during the Rising.

A demonstration of the medical kit used in the first aid station at RCSI during Easter Week, 1916

This image depicts the main floor of the RSCI 'Surgeons and Insurgents' exhibition, celebrating the centenary of the 1916 Rising in Dublin.

A map and accompanying narrative, stating RCSI's relationship with St. Stephen's Green, both of which were instrumental locations in the narrative of the 1916 Rising. The map was part of the exhibition in order to contextualise RCSI in the greater…

Cardboard reconstructions of soldiers guarding the main board room and the staircase to the upper levels of the RCSI building during the 1916 Rising.

Photographs of the RCSI Boardroom, periodically designed to show how it would have looked while the building was under siege by Countess Markievicz and her fellow rebels.

Images of St.Stephen's Green as it would have been seen from RCSI by the insurgents and from the Shelbourne Hotel by the British military forces during the Rising (photographs c. 1900).
At noon on Easter Monday, 24 April, Commandant Michael Mallin…

Display of homemade can-bombs in the RCSI Board Room.

Poster boards outlining the details and events of the insurgents' occupation of RCSI during the Rising.

Reconstruction of the First Aid Station at RCSI during the 1916 Rising.
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