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An account of Madeleine French-Mullen's involvement in the 1916 Rising. As a seargent of the Irish Citizen's Army, she was responsible for the running of the first aid station at St. Stephen's Green during the 1916 Rising.

An account of Maxwell's involvement as a surgeon at the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital, and the temporary hospital at 40 Merrion Square, during the 1916 Rising.

An account of Sir Charles Alexander Cameron,professor of Hygeine and Political Medicine, and his involvement in the 1916 Rising as a surgeon at RCSI.

An account of Charles Hatchett Hyland's involvement in the 1916 Rising. As a dentist living on Mount Street, Hyland used what skills he had relating to medicine to treat the wounded during Easter Week 1916.

McArdle was a specialist in anatomical surgery, focussing on the treatment of fractures. During the Rising, he tended to the wounded at St. Vincent's Hospital.

Myles was a surgeon in Richmond Hospital during the 1916 Rising, and spent the week treating the wounded, the first of which was Dublin Metropolitan Police Constable, James O'Brien. Myles set up a temporary hospital unit at Father Mathew Hall after…

A brief account of the impact of surgeons and medical staff in Dublin's hospitals during the 1916 Rising.

A demonstration of the medical kit used in the first aid station at RCSI during Easter Week, 1916
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