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The results of the 1916 Rising and it's impact on the structural components of RCSI is detailed here in this short account of the aftermath.

Some medals awarded and prison badges assigned to those who partook in the 1916 Rising, including the prison badge of Thomas Clifford, who was detained at an internment camp in Wales after the Rising.

Some letters, including one from Thomas Clifford to his brother, and relics used for protection during the Rising, are displayed here.

Major George Harris' letter, expressing concern about the security of the ammunition being stored at RCSI.

A short contextual account of how the Irish rebels surrendered to British forces at the end of the 1916 Rising.

A collection of letters detailing the experience of the Rising from the perspective of James Duncan, the porter at RCSI during the time that the Rising occurred.

A timeline of the events of Easter Week 1916.

A source detailing the most important landmark buildings used as defence posts by the insurgents during the 1916 Rising.

An account of Madeleine French-Mullen's involvement in the 1916 Rising. As a seargent of the Irish Citizen's Army, she was responsible for the running of the first aid station at St. Stephen's Green during the 1916 Rising.

An account of Helen Clifford's involvement in the 1916 Rising. Clifford was given the responsibility of running the kitchen to supply rations to the insurgents at RCSI during Easter Week 1916.
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