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The History of College Hall and its uses as a medical station during the Rising.

A copied structure of a window at RCSI, barricaded by the insurgents within the building.
'On taking the building, the insurgents barricaded the windows and the front door. Frank Robbins was one of those assigned to this task. "Necessity knows no…

An account of Countess Constance Markievicz and her involvement in the 1916 Rising. As one of the most prolific figures of the Rising, and certainly the most notable woman among the insurgents, Countess Markievicz was instumental to the operation of…

An account of Maxwell's involvement as a surgeon at the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital, and the temporary hospital at 40 Merrion Square, during the 1916 Rising.

Reconstruction of the First Aid Station at RCSI during the 1916 Rising.

A brief account of Frank Robbins and his involvement in the 1916 Rising, where he was stationed at RCSI with Countess Markievicz.

An account of Helen Clifford's involvement in the 1916 Rising. Clifford was given the responsibility of running the kitchen to supply rations to the insurgents at RCSI during Easter Week 1916.

Images of St.Stephen's Green as it would have been seen from RCSI by the insurgents and from the Shelbourne Hotel by the British military forces during the Rising (photographs c. 1900).
At noon on Easter Monday, 24 April, Commandant Michael Mallin…

A brief list of the insurgents involved in the 1916 Rising.

A collection of letters detailing the experience of the Rising from the perspective of James Duncan, the porter at RCSI during the time that the Rising occurred.
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