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An account of Helen Clifford's involvement in the 1916 Rising. Clifford was given the responsibility of running the kitchen to supply rations to the insurgents at RCSI during Easter Week 1916.

An account of Countess Constance Markievicz and her involvement in the 1916 Rising. As one of the most prolific figures of the Rising, and certainly the most notable woman among the insurgents, Countess Markievicz was instumental to the operation of…

A brief contextualisation and short account of the involvement of women in the Rising.

An account of William Ireland de Courcy Wheeler's involvement in the 1916 Rising as a surgeon in RCSI, and his treatment of over 200 soldiers during the Rising.

An account of Richard Francis Tobin's involvement in the 1916 Rising as a surgeon at St. Vincent's Hospital, Dublin, who sought to inform the insurgents of their vulnerability in their positions at St. Stephen's Green.

An account of Maxwell's involvement as a surgeon at the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital, and the temporary hospital at 40 Merrion Square, during the 1916 Rising.

An account of Sir Charles Alexander Cameron,professor of Hygeine and Political Medicine, and his involvement in the 1916 Rising as a surgeon at RCSI.

An account of Charles Hatchett Hyland's involvement in the 1916 Rising. As a dentist living on Mount Street, Hyland used what skills he had relating to medicine to treat the wounded during Easter Week 1916.

An account of Michael Francis Cox's involvement in the 1916 Rising. Cox was a well-established physician associated with St. Vincent's hospital, the Coombe Hospital, and Temple Street Children's Hospital. During the 1916 Rising, he tended to the…

McArdle was a specialist in anatomical surgery, focussing on the treatment of fractures. During the Rising, he tended to the wounded at St. Vincent's Hospital.
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